Sunday, 29 March 2015


This month has been one of creature comforts. Probably more so than in February. 

Excepting the first weekend in March, when we went to Flamingo Land Zoo and had the chance to sit down and hand feed the lemurs. That was an awesome day.

And excepting the day that I found out about my hyperthyroidism. I honestly thought it was nothing, but after looking at what can happen without meds, I'm glad I found out when I did.

Thursday, 26 March 2015


It's been twelve whole weeks since I took my last contraceptive pill.

I did write out a whole post about things I'd noticed about myself since stopping taking the Pill, however in a strange twist of fate, after ten weeks I went to the Doctors and was randomly diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism. So, whilst hoping to not have to remember to take pills anymore, I still have to take one a day. Turns out the only positive side effect to stopping the Pill has been that my boobs have grown a fraction. Yay!

All my symptoms for hyperthyroidism are things I thought were linked to me stopping the Contraceptive Pill.

These include:
- being overwhelmed by everything
- being irritable
- loss of concentration/focus
- worrying
- constant hunger/thirst
- insomnia
- shaking (especially when nervous, but also just anytime for no apparent reason)
- despondency
- hair loss

Coming off the Pill has helped highlight these issues and give me a reason why they happen.

I have no idea how long I've had it (though I felt similar to how I do now, about five years ago). Some of these things did happen whilst I was taking the Pill, for example the shaking has been a random on/off thing for a long time. But, as I'm more anxious now, it's more obvious.

Despite the whole hyperthyroid thing taking the limelight from coming off the Pill, I still have a few things I'd like to share with you about it.

1. My periods have not settled down.
I had my first 'fake' period as normal at the start of January. I had a second 'normal' period dead on 28 days afterwards. It wasn't really any different from what I'm used to, possibly a bit heavier, but it didn't last as long (whoop!). My second 'normal' period, was two days early and half a day of what I would term: dreg-blood. Not really proper blood, but definately 'something'.

2. I think I have a bit of PMT.
Obviously this could be (and probably is) linked to the hyperthyroidism, but around a week before I come on, I get super angry. Like any little thing can trigger me into a roaring mess.

3. I am much more loving.
Again, a possible side effect of the hyperthyroid, but I'd like to think not. Aside from the anger, I care a lot more for the Lad. In the way I actually listen to what his day was like rather than ask the question and not listen or care about the answer. This was the main reason for coming off the Pill, so as to not be angry the whole time - just a for a week a month.

I find out exactly what Hyperthyroidism is and how to live with it at my first referral appointment at the start of May, but if you have it, or know someone who has it, please get in touch and let me know what I can be doing to make life easier! Thank you!

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

REVIEW: Simple Eyes

My eyes are the bane of my life sometimes. Wind: weepy eyes. Cold: dry eyes. Warm: crusty eyes (TMI). Instead of ignoring the buggers, I'm trying to be proactive against all of these things. Starting with a bit of goodness.

Simple is a great brand and the Soothing Eye Balm is a lovely product. It cools, primes and smooths the eye area ready for makeup in the morning. It's great for no-makeup days too, making my eyes look more awake and ready for the day.

This product was made for Sunday's. I never looked so good at the weekend.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

TRAVEL: What's in my other travel makeup bag

Going back to basics with travelling light here.

Whenever we go away, I always take two makeup bags. One for actual makeup, the other for 'other' bits. Haircare, skincare, toothcare. 

These are the usual bits that make it into the 'other' bag - my toothbrush (and holder) with a tiny tube of toothpaste, decanted shampoo and conditioner (I got these little bottles for about a quid at Wilkos), heat protectant and hairspray (the ultimate combo) and finally facewash, bodywash and a moisturiser.

It's a failsafe combination of products that mean I can be whisked away whenever chance fancies it.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

REVIEW: Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation

I never really realised, but I'm not a foundation person.

I'll slap on the concealer and watch it fade away over the following few hours, but foundation very rarely makes in into my regular regime.

Once I realised that, I went on a drugstore mission. The Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation stood out from the rest.  Instead of pink, this has a faun-y undertone to it, which is a nice change. Despite that it's not so cool that I look dead. Even though I bought the lightest shade. Win? yes, win.

It claims to be medium coverage and I'd agree with that. I don't need the usual lashings of concealer around my eyes to cover the circles. It's easy to blend about and build up if necessary, it has a glass bottle (ooh, upmarket) and a easy to use and clean pump. 

So far, so good.

And to be honest, it is all good. I can't find a negative of this product. The 25 hour lasting finish seems a little adventurous, but who really wears foundation for 25 hours on the trot?

Monday, 16 March 2015

READ: #7 Marly's Ghost, #8 The Girl On The Train, #9 An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth

I read this in one sitting on a Sunday night. A retelling of Scrooge, but for Valentines day, there's not much more to say than that.

I've not read Gone Girl (yet), but I think the premise could be very similar. A missing woman, a search to find out what happened, a twist at the end. I especially liked how the writer manages to point the finger at literally every character in the book making me think that it was a completely different person whodunnit in each section.

Loved this! Despite being an extremely influential person at NASA, Chris Hadfield writes in such a humble manner. It's as though he's chatting to me over a burger and just happens to be telling me the detailed ins and outs of how an astronaut thinks and why. It's fascinating, even for a person like me who hasn't really ever given much thought to how astronauts do their jobs. 
I also loved this for another reason - the underlying message. This is a self-help book. If I read it when I desperately needed a focus in life, this would get me out of that funk in an instant. Even now, whilst not in a funk, it's great to see my life from an alternative perspective. The morals are fairly basic, but the way they're told are expressed in a completely new and wonderful way.

Friday, 13 March 2015

REVIEW: Topshop Nailpolish

My hands cracked and split pretty bad this winter with my knuckles looking fairly beat up. To disguse the lack of hand cream involved in my daily routine, I've been raiding my box of nail polish.

Some of my favourites are from Topshop. You'd never have guessed that from the title, would you?

Although my ultimate favourite is a discontinued colour (Carry on Camping - a lovely vivid forest green, what I would call a true green) I've managed to try out a few of the others so here is my stash.

Clockwise from the top Blue:
Rumours & Lies
Jewel in the Crown
Too Good to be Blue
Nice n' Neutral
One Hot Minute

After reorganising my stash after taking the picture above I also found:
Fallen Leaf
Late Show

Which is your favourite colour?

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

HOW TO: The Spring Face

A little haul for y'all.

On a recent trip to Superdrug (not my usual haunt, I have to say) I was taken aback by the sheer amount of deals on every shelf. So I bought a few bits. Well, a lot. This isn't all of it...

I was super excited to try out the Maybelline Eraser Eye concealer after reading a couple of reviews (here and here), but unfortunately the only shade available, and that I picked up, was the wrong colour. Damn! It's way too dark, though I also think way to orange. Not sure whether to try a lighter shade or not because of that.

The BB cream was a major impulse buy. Own brand things are usually a hit and miss, but I'm pleased with this purchase. Also a tad dark, it's easy to use a tiny bit to give a nice glow to the skin. I've been complimented several times since beginning to use this and at this time of year helps me not look like a snowman with my fair skin.

I've been on the lookout for a face moisturiser for a while. Not too greasy, not too light, I'm super picky when it comes to getting a bit of moisture back in my face. This fits the bill perfectly. The grapefruit scent is lovely and a good pick-me-up at the beginning of the day.

The MUA blush was only £1 and it's great because of that. It's a very loose powder so it's easy to pick up a bit too much, but also great to blend out again.

Finally, the Real Techniques Face Brush has been on the list for a while. Awesome for everything, nuff said.

Monday, 9 March 2015

COOK: Vegetable Broth

Broth? Wtf even is a broth? I hear you. I don't know. 

I think it could be a mix of a chunky soup and a runny casserole. At least that's how I would describe this. It is a great option for a day when the cold shears through your skin to your bones - it basically consists of lots of veg bashed in the slow cooker for four hours before quickly devouring.

Therefore, also good for the not-so-good-at-fancy-cooking person. Me.

2 carrots
1 leek
2 potatoes
2 litres chicken stock
1 onion
1 parsnip
A handful or so of Pearl Barley
A good splodge of tomato puree
A smattering of herbs
Salt and pepper

To make things even more wholesome, we popped some dumplings on the top to pad it out even more and cooked up some chicken separately.

I found the recipe on the Tesco Real Food website - an awesome place for a plethora of healthy (and not so healthy) recipes.

Saturday, 7 March 2015


This is a two sided plan.

One the one hand, I want to make our home inviting, functional and refresh it after the initial decorating we did when we moved in. But on the other, I want to explore more. 

I think home is all the better once I've been away from it.

This year I plan to rejuvenate and complete our home. Replace the interior doors, get our boiler serviced/fixed, freshen the paintwork, sort through all our belongings, deep clean every single space in our property and utilise every single space too.

Basically, I'm going to stop shit from flying out of every drawer I open, every cupboard that won't close, every box that I've shoved somewhere - out of sight out of mind - and also to finish the little jobs that we still haven't finished from when we got the keys to the house; boxing the bath in, edging the laminate floor in the lounge.

But, I'm also planning a lot of weekends away. Maybe two nights, or even just the one. Just to see somewhere new. To get out. To discover. Broaden our horizons. Not too far, but far enough.

I'm excited for this one the most. I'll be able to see to progress and tick things off a list - something I love to do.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

REVIEW: Seche Vite

I love me some Seche Vite.

I first bought this after seeing it on Sammy. Before I really gave much thought to top coats in general, I thought a whole five English pounds on a clear shine for my tiny nails was waaaaaay too expensive.

However, a couple of goes of this badboy really showed me the error of my ways. 

Simple and effective (my two favourite things), quick drying, a shine every time and easy to apply. What more does a girl need?

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

READ: #4 War of the Worlds, #5 The Perks of Being a Wallflower, #6 Messenger of Fear

This has been on my bookshelf since GCSE English dictated I buy it, then promptly moved my classes - so I have never read it. Curiously enough, I really enjoyed it and devoured it in a couple of evenings. Written in a fast paced old english style, it's great to imagine what it would actually be like to be surrounded by martians (scary).

I can't place why this book disappointed me into one point so I'll list them out:
1. It's written in letter format
2. There's sexual/inappropriate parts
3. The plot twist I felt, was unnecessary
All three don't really appeal to me, nor the style of the narration. I'm glad that I've read it however, because now I can go see the film.

This is a 'childrens' book. Within the first few chapters though, I'd be surprised if a twelve year old would be able to sleep after reading it. It's quite gory, quite detailed and I absolutely loved it. I also love that I managed to pick up a signed copy without even realising it - or who the author was - just because I liked the cover. The best part is that it's the first of the trilogy. Cannot wait for the second book to be released.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Hello March

March is my favourite month. In the scheme of things it's a bit of a nothing-month. One of those in-betweeny ones that everyone rushes through to get to summer. But, I love it. I love the excitment. The first blossom. The first warm-ish day. The last frost. The green of the new years growth against the muddy brown of winter.

It's also the beginning of the second year of oh, hello jo. Hi.
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