Sunday, 11 September 2016

FOREVER REPURCHASED: L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil

I thought that having an oily face, using an oil to cleanse it would be a bad idea. Turns out I was completely wrong. Or rather, this is an exception to the grease-on-grease rule.

Friday, 2 September 2016

Hello September

Another month!

Bloody hell, the ball is well and truly rolling through this year now. However, things should start settling now we have a moving date. We fiiinally can buy new things/unpack boxes/ start new projects instead of living in a weird limbo. I'm so ready to be DONE with moving!

I've been extremely good these past few months only picking up essential items because I know that moving day is going to be super intense and stressful - hence why it's been a bit slow on ohhellojo.

I've tried to keep up appearances, but I know I've failed to even do that so I'm sorry!

Fingers crossed things pick up from now.

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